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Mrs Kazekage's thoughts.

May. 2nd, 2005

08:46 am - How cute!

I just couldn't help myself! I just had to do it ^,^

Kitty!Collapse )

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Apr. 30th, 2005

12:19 pm

Oh my, so much to do and so little time... Both Yashamaru-niisan and Kyouji-kun aren't going to be home for dinner... I just hope atlest the boys will be, and they WILL behave when Temari brings her guest.

Sigh... I dont even know what to cook now. Kids, what do you have in mind? If anything we'll order out but it would be the best impression on Shikamaru-san

((Arg, we have to start over on that RPG now, sorry Gaara-mun))

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Apr. 26th, 2005

07:31 pm

Oh dear, after some confusion with my two boys, as well as some very odd conflict I think I have finally come over the effects of the medication and dinner is made and ready to be reheated and served when I get home.

At the moment I am in your fathers office, I really don't know what force brought me here, its as if I was teleported here I ran so fast... maybe the medication hasn't worn off Well, as soon as I've finished speaking with him, I'll go home right away.

Boys, please come home and help out? Temari will be bringing her guest over soon and your father just might be joining us.


I hope everything will go alright! From as lazy as this boy sounds I hope he doesn't fall asleep at the dinner table or anything.

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12:43 pm

Well, good news my darlings! Your mother is feeling much better and I am ready to get this house ready for Mari-chan's 'friend'.

You're bring him from the libary, right? Hm, interesting name and hes a book worm to boot- I'm starting to like this boy and I don't even know what he looks like! I can't wait to see him tonight at dinner! Your father should be here by then as well! All we'll need is your brother Kanku-kun to come home and we can all be together!!

Oh! And speaking of Kanku-kun, thank you for the 'tip' my Gaa-chan! Remind me to have a talk with your brother when he gets back, I'm sure your father would love to hear about it too.

We better get going, Gaara! We dont want all the shops to close before the sandstorm gets here! We need to stock up for tonights dinner and later in the week, hm? ^__^

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01:00 am

So much can happen when you sleep away your illness... Yashamaru-niisan has been taking very good care of me while my family is off doing their share of shinobi work for the village.

I can hear the sand gathering and swirling in the approching storm... If it keeps up after I get well, I wont be able to see the sun for afew days.

But, there are more pressing matters at hand. From what I hear from outside my bedroom, my Temari-chan has a friend coming from the village of Konoha... A boy named Shikamaru? Such an interesting name, I'm sure hes just as interesting as his name.

I have also heard that Gaara is going to stay home for afew days... Thats a good thing really... I really hate to see that poor boy worked like that, I don't care if he has the help of that demon for power!

Oh my, I feel dizzy... I think I better lay down again before dinner...

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