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Day 21 - Mrs Kazekage's thoughts.

Jun. 21st, 2005

06:33 pm - Day 21

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Ku! I got a letter back from, Mari-chan!

So many good things!

Kanku-kun has fancies a young girl and Mari-chan is planning to marry the Shikamaru boy!

Oh a wedding! How wonderful! She said I'm the first one to know and now I can't wait! I just feel like rushing over to Konoha as soon as she tells me its definite! ^o^!!

But there is a sad side to the letter... My poor baby, Gaa-kun, is gone! It seems he ran off on his siblings without giving a word...

I hope nothing happens to him! Ku, I'm so worried now! Gaara! If there is something thats going on between you and your siblings, come home! You know you're always welcome home whenever there is something wrong!

Ku, I feel dizzy... and my heart is aching...

Current Mood: crushedupset